Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Fort Worth Zoo

As a treat for the kids on the way back from NC we spent several hours at our favorite zoo. I absolutely love this zoo and was glad to finally get the chance to share it with my children.

Hey, do I know you?

Whose the Monkey?

Really big snake - Rehm made me take it's picture. It was awake and moving around.

Ruby climbing an ant hill

Charlotte climbing the ant hill
Rehm climbing the ant hill

Eliza Claire taking her turn


Checking out the gazelle's

Some kind of Black bear, maybe an Asian black bear? Don't remember.

Checking out the Bengal tiger

Look how many kids can fit on a Komodo dragon

It is no coincidence that they are all dressed in red. It makes it much easier to locate everyone in a crowded space when they are all wearing the same color. I guess we really are our own little school. Kind of crazy when your family operates more like a school than a family. Oh well, what's a girl to do? Actually, Michael did the packing so I guess he gets to take credit for their attire this time.

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