Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Things Heard around Mayhem Mania

Each time we see a lady with short dark hair the twins both pipe up with "There's my Cici!" "That my Cici!" Apparently they think it is time for Cici to come visit them. (hint, hint)


On Sunday I got dresses out for the little girls to wear. I asked Ruby which one she wanted to wear. She picked one and said, "Cici made my dress!" Eliza Claire came over, grabbed the other dress and said "Papa made my dress!" She insisted all day long that Papa had made her dress.


In the car yesterday we were listening to Veggie Tales. The song "Oh, Where is my Hairbrush?" came on. Here is the conversations that ensued:

Charlotte: Mommy, Grandma doesn't like this song.

Me: She doesn't?

Charlotte: NO! I wonder if Cici would like this song.

Me: Cici would probably tell you she can't hear the words it just sounds like noise.

Charlotte: Why?

Me: I don't know Charlotte but that is usually what she says about music.

Charlotte: I wonder if Papa would like it.

Me: I don't know.

Charlotte: I guess old people just don't like Veggie Tales!

I started to explain to her that her grandparent were not old. But then I realized that they are approximately 60 years older than her and in her world that is, well, old! And then I remember the conversation I had with Rehm the other day where he asked me if I was alive whe the Titanic sank! So apparently in their world I'm also old.


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