Monday, September 08, 2008

The Beach - Random Ramblings

Rehm and Charlotte pin pointing our location

Storm Brewing - View from our balcony

I love the beach. It is my most favorite place in the world. If I could I would live there at least part of the year if not full time. I always feel like all is right with the world when I can sit and look at the ocean.

I realized this year that I am spoiled when it come to the beach. In my world going to the beach means a full week in ocean front accommodations. If you have to walk to the beach and can't see the ocean from inside the place you are staying it is not the beach. See I told you I was spoiled. Thanks Mom and Dad this is all your fault. And if I'm spoiled just think how much more spoiled my kids will be? They think the beach means going 1300 miles away and having grandparents around to spoil you as well.

I think I like all beaches and any beach will do but I'm about to decide that it is really a specific beach. Yes the one I grew up going to every year from the time I was 4 or so - Pine Knoll Shores, NC. Sometimes more than once a year. See I told you I was spoiled.

It is such a beautiful area. Of course it is much more developed than when we first started going there. I have to point out every year that I remember when we had to go to the mainland to go to the grocery store. That there used to only be the local surf shop and only one now there are dozens and they are mostly chains. I always lament the loss of the "cement pier" that had the best fishing in the sound. It was torn down to build the new bridge that replaced the old drawbridge. Of course all of these things happened 20+ years ago. The new thing we have to comment on is the missing Iron Steam Pier that has been replaced by some very nice multifamily homes. Man I miss that pier, walking out and seeing what everyone was catching, watching the surfers, at low tide being able to see a small piece of the actual Iron Steamer stinking up above the waves. Then there is the Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium that has gone through 2 or 3 remodels over the years and is now a fabulous place to go but so vastly different from what it used to be. I remember when admission was free and a visit would take at most an hour...
Rehm, Ruby and Eliza Claire checking out the fish at the aquarium

I remember as a teen hating going to the beach because it was boring. There was nothing to do and everyone there was "under five or over 30!" But amazingly I always have fun and was always ready to go back the next time.

The first several years we went to the beach we stayed the Oceanana. It had a huge play ground, great pool and was right on the ocean. They served breakfast poolside every morning. And every morning I would have a big bowl of super buttery grits. Those were always the best grits! Yum! (OK so they were just instant grits that you mixed up yourself, but I loved them). Even now when I think of breakfast at the beach it means sitting outside on the balcony with a bowl of grits. I have made a point to indoctrinate all of the kids on "Beach Breakfast." I wonder if it will stick for any of them?
Intercoastal Water Way

This place is so special to me that this is even where we got married. At the Anne Street United Methodist Church in Beaufort, NC. Beaufort is a fabulous little historic town on the Intercoastal Water Way. It has lots of neat shops, historic houses and fabulous restaurants. It is always a treat to go stand on the boardwalk and look for ponies on Carrot Island.
Ten years later standing on the steps of the church where we were married. If my scanner worked I would show you a picture from the actual big day.

All of us at the boardwalk in Morehead City

This part of NC holds a lot of history for me. And I truly love getting to visit this magical place. Thanks Mom and Dad for starting all these memories. I hope when my kids grow up they have as fond of memories of this place as I do.

When I'm feeling nostalgic again I'll be sure to write about the infamous eel story...Sorry Dad, but it has to be recorded for posterity.

PS more to come from this year's trip soon. I got a little sidetracked :)

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