Sunday, September 14, 2008


OK, I have a deep, dark, ugly confession to make. When Michael travels out of the country I smoke! Yes there I said it. You read right. This very responsible mom of four smokes a few cigarettes every day when her husband leaves her with four children for two weeks. Now granted this is only the second time he has had to travel like this so this is not a regular occurrence. And when I say I smoke I mean one to four cigarettes a day. So you see this is really not a big deal. Mom, you don't need to call and give me a lecture and you don't need to worry about this becoming a habit (well beyond the Michael is out of the country habit).

So last night I got caught by Rehm. I always wait until they are in bed or in quiet time and go sit on the back patio to enjoy my smoke and get my sanity back. I really think it is more about taking the 10-15 minutes to just sit and be still than it is the actual cigarette. But I look forward to my "guilty pleasure" all day and know I get to indulge definitely gets me through bed and bath time times four.

Rehm came outside - he was supposed to be in bed. Here is the conversation that ensued.

Rehm: Mom, was that a cigarette you were holding?

Me: Yes.

Rehm: Were you smoking it?

Me: Yes.

Rehm: Do you have more?

Me: Maybe

Rehm: Why were you smoking that cigarette.

Me: I like to have one occasionally, like when your Daddy is out of the country. He knows I do this and you don't need to worry about it.

Rehm: Smoking is bad for you.

Me: Yes I know that and that is why only do this occasionally. YOU are supposed to be in bed. This is not something you need to worry about.

This morning he started in on the questions and lecture again. We went through the whole scenario again. I reminded him that I am a grown up and I know that smoking regularly is bad for you and that is why I only do it very rarely and that this was not something he needed to go tell everyone.

So any guesses on how many people he told at school today. I can hear it now. "You won't believe it, I caught my MOM smoking a cigarette!"

So there you have it, there is my dirty little secret. You all know it now. And if my son or daughter feels the need to share it with you, you now have all the facts.


Cici said...

Caught? You sound like a criminal. The people I see sitting outside their workplace on the sidewalk look like criminals.

When we quit smoking in '89 I would never have believed that the anti-smoking group could have accomplished what they have.

Smoking was still socially acceptable, at least here. Of course being in the tobacco belt and working at RJR may have given me a different slant on things.

Be sure to bring me some when you come to "The Home".

Sherri said...

My perfect sister?!!!! I bet you had one on the balcony at the beach too - didn't you? Or, did you walk on the beach with it? Shame on you and you didn't even invite me. I haven't had one since Dec 2000. I wonder if I would have done it with you?