Sunday, January 06, 2013


Charlotte has discovered that she can roll her own hair and wake up with curls whenever she wants to.

Last night she rolled her hair and Ruby's and put Eliza Claire's in a bun so they would all have curls this morning.

Ruby woke up with not a single curler still in her hair, and thus stick straight hair. Eliza Claire's hair was still wet so she had no curls. Charlotte was in tears because she had waves on one side and tight curls on the other.

Of course they were trying to leave the house for early church.

Charlotte and Ruby were not happy. Eliza Claire was unphased by the results.

Charlotte decided a pony tail would make hers acceptable.

Ruby needed curls. She left the house with hot rollers in her hair and instructions on when to take them out. I have no idea if she ended up with curls or not or what they looked like. But she wasn't pitching a fit any more so hopefully the results didn't start a new one.

Ah, life with girls

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