Friday, January 04, 2013

My Poor Husband

Michael is watching the Aggie game with me. My most recent comment was about how Stoops' sweatshirt makes him look like a random fan that wondered down to the sidelines and grabbed a headset. He doesn't look like a coach at all.

My comment prior to that was about not liking the helmet shields. I understand their purpose but if they are going to wear them they need to be antireflective so I can still actually see the players' faces instead of just the glare of the lights.

I've also complained about all the celebrating and showboating after any halfway decent play. It bugs the crap out of me. This is a team sport, not a "look how great I am sport." Granted this is as much a player coaching issue as a TV issue. If the stations didn't show it they wouldn't do it.

Now I have also commented on how well OU's offensive line is doing at protecting their quarterback and on the need for quicker and better tackling.

And it is only half time. I wonder what else I'll find to comment on before the game is over.

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