Wednesday, January 23, 2013


After school Ruby pitched a fit. It started because she needed to do her reading and I asked her to bring her book downstairs. She wanted to read upstairs. It quickly elevated and The Wrath of Ruby visited for 45 minutes.

Anyway, we were running late to pick up Rehm. He got in the car.

Rehm: Why were you late?

Me: Don't ask!

Rehm: Oh, was there some "Shakespeare?"

Me: Yes, most definitely, Shakespeare.

He cracks me up! Luckily, "Shakespeare" went over the girls' head and did not lead to more drama.

Ruby, calmed down in time to be her sunny, happy self for Wednesday night dinner and programming at church. Unfortunately she missed choir.

Hoping the rest of you had a Shakespeare free evening.

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Phyllis said...

Love that his lobe improving?