Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Day 11 of 30 Days of Mayhem: Connecticut, Rhode Island, and the Beach

Connecticut just keeps getting better and better! I'm never going to leave, or I'm going to visit so frequently Beth and Chuck are going to charge me rent, get sick of me, and evict me.

Today we to a drive into Rhode Island, simply to be able to see another state on this trip.  And honestly, when else were any of us going to see the state?  RI is also beautiful.  I could definitely enjoy spending time there.  We saw one of Taylor Swift's vacation homes.  Who knew she had a home on the coast of RI?  I sure didn't.  Though word on the street is that it is on the market.

After our excursion into Rhode Island, we went back to the house and got ready to head to the beach.

The beach was very different to any beach I've been to.  We loved it.  The water was cold!  As in after a few minutes of walking in the edge and I didn't really feel my feet.

Relaxing on the beach.

Team work.  I love it!

See Mom, they will all fit on it.
The kids found lots of different sea life to observe.  I think they caught 14 green crabs.  They found lots of hermit crabs and sea snails as well.

After the beach we came back to Beth and Chuck's and got cleaned up for lovely dinner of roasting our own hot dogs/brats and smores for dessert.  It was delicious!

Charlotte using her hot dog on a stick as a microphone.  

Mountain Laurel
And with that, I think I am back to being caught up with blogging this awesome trip!  Whoop!

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