Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Day 13 of 30 Days of Mayhem: New York City - Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Financial District and 911 Memorial

I am not a morning person and today required an early start.  To get pedestal tickets to the Statue of Liberty we had to take 8:00 reserved tickets.  That meant we needed to be at the will call window to get said tickets before, duh, 8:00.  We got up at 5:45.  Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! 

We are staying about 10 minutes away from the ferry station.  The ferry is free over to the city.  Parking at the ferry station is not free, but is reasonable.  It was $8 for the entire day.  Walking into the ferry station was much like walking into an airport.  Lots of places to get food and seating for waiting for the next ferry.  This morning it was not that busy. The ride over took about 20 minutes.  I'm really not sure.  Not that long.  It is a pretty ride. Conveniently the Ferry disembarks at Battery Park and that is where we needed to be this morning.

Ruby was in a great mood this morning.  She was silly and funny and creative and just Ruby when Ruby is happy.  I asked her what she had for breakfast because I want to feed her that breakfast more often.  The secret is oatmeal, ladies and gentlemen.  Unbeknownst to us on the drive to the ferry terminal she had drawn a mustache on her finger.  She told her dad, "I mustache you a question!" and when he turned around this is what he saw!  We all cracked up it was perfect.

Serious face

Smiling face
Charlotte was not a fan of the ferry from Battery Park to the Statue of Liberty as it was a much smaller boat than the Staten Island Ferry and thus we could feel a lot more turbulence.  Her stomach was not a fan.  She was a trooper and once we got to land she was fine.  

We all enjoyed our visit to Lady Liberty.  I really wanted to go to the crown but we could not get crown tickets.  There are very few available.  My legs and feet were not sad to miss the climb to the crown but I wish we could have gone all the way up.  The views from the pedestal were lovely.

I might have to frame this one

It was moving to read and hear recordings in the museum of people who immigrated talking about what seeing the Statue of Liberty meant to them.  

We boarded another ferry and hopped over to Ellis Island.  By this point Ruby was not a happy camper.  In fact she was pretty unhappy.  Note to self:  feed Ruby more oatmeal or feed her a protein with her oatmeal.  Once we had a snack we toured through the Ellis Island museum.  It was very informative and I think all six of us learned something.  

We did look up the manifest from where Helene's parents both came to Ellis Island.  They both came in 1927 on the same ship but on different crossings.  They did not meet each other until they were in the US.  It was neat to see where Rehm's namesake entered our country.  

We took the ferry back to Battery Park and headed to the financial district.  Rehm wanted to see the Bull statue and  The New York Stock Exchange.  Michael mentioned he wanted to see Trinity Church.  Charlotte piped up, "Oh, Trinity Church, that's where Alexander Hamilton and Eliza are buried.  I want to see it too."  Her love of Hamilton is definitely helping her find interest in things that otherwise would not interest her at all.  

The Customs House - Yes, Alexander Hamilton worked here.  

One of Rehm's requested stops of the day.  
Another Rehm requested stop of the day
The First Capitol - The Federalist Hall.  Yep, another Hamilton stop.

Trinity Church.  I told them to make big arms so I could see them in the picture from across the street.

Alexander Hamilton's final resting place.
Eliza Hamilton's final resting place. 

Y'all, I just have to say, four kids in NYC is not fun or easy.  Oh my word! It stressed me out.  Trying to make sure I didn't lose anyone, they stayed out of other people's way, they didn't melt down in the middle of the sidewalk, get hit by a car, ugh!  Exhausting.  I nearly lost it when we needed to find lunch and ended up in a small pizzeria.  We took up too much space, we were in everyone's way, there was no where to sit, the girls were a bit crazy, and that was all before we ordered at the counter.  Once everyone ordered, I took the girls outside on the sidewalk to wait for Michael to get the food.  Rehm came out a few minutes later to let me know that we had a table.  Halleluja!  I thought we were going to have to find outside seating down the block.  Maybe I was just hungry because after lunch it all seemed to get easier.

We went to the 911 Memorial. We were not there long.  The kids were done and really just don't get it or don't want to get it, which is understandable.  I'm glad we went and we have seen it.

9/11 Memorial

One World Trade Center
We decided there was nothing else in the part of the city we were in that we needed or wanted to do today and headed back to Staten Island for the rest of the evening.  There were a lot more people coming back on the ferry than there were going over this morning.  It is amazing just how many people can fit on that thing.  

This looks like they are having fun and in this actual moment they probably were.  Notice Charlotte's upside down water bottle.  She ripped the bottom off so she could drink out of that end of it.  When asked how, she said she made a "small hole with her teeth" and then did the rest with her fingers.  Who wants to pay for her dental work?

Once we got back we all sat around the kitchen table enjoying a snack and talking about our day.  This was by far my favorite part of the day.  I love having all of my family around the table together.  It just feels right.

Dinner tonight wasCincinnati chili that I made in Niagara Falls and then froze.  So quick and easy with minimal work on my part.  Yippee.

We plan to have a family game of dominoes or cards before long.  I'm looking forward to it!

A funny from today.  I'm not even sure when today it happened.  At some point one of the girls was complaining about something, shocking I know, and I said, "pobrecita" which means poor little one in Spanish.  Michael started using this whenever they complain.  When I said it Michael wanted to know what I said as he thought I said "poor prissy ducks!" Needless to say we now have some very prissy ducks with us when they are complaining.  It cracks me up but I'm guessing you had to be there. 

Tomorrow we plan to see Central Park, the MoMA, 5th Avenue, Time Square, and Broadway (no shows). 


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Phyllis said...

EC, I see your earrings in one of the them! Ruby, I could not see yours, get Mom to be sure she gets them for me in one tomorrow.

Like Michael's Camel City shirt. Looks like everyone is having fun.