Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Panic Has Set In

I was doing good.  I was completely calm and collected until this morning.  Then it hit me.  We leave for a 30 day trip in TWO days!  Oh my goodness, I will never get everything done that needs to get done before we leave.

I have a nine page list.  It is the packing list, the to-do list, the to buy list, the don't forget list.  I have a two page house sitter/dog sitter list though I think it needs some more work.  The sweet family that is house sitting and the boys who will do some dog sitting are both coming over tomorrow for a run through of everything.  When I start thinking about what all I need to go over with them, I kind of lose it, just a little bit.  And maybe scream inside my head.

I think I have bought everything that needs to be purchased.  Nope, I just remembered I have not picked up a 3DS charger.  UGH.  Forgot all about that one today.

I have at least three, probably four loads of clothes that need to be washed tomorrow.  Ruby is the only one of the six of us that has anything in a suitcase.  And once I get everything packed I need to change sheets, more laundry, vacuum the entire house, wipe down bathrooms and tidy the kitchen.

How in the world is it possible that we are leaving in less than 48 hours.  Yikes!

I did finish sewing Ruby's swim cover up and an apron for a friend's child today.

Tomorrow I was planning to pack, pack and pack.  But I forgot about an appointment.  I need to do some committee work for church.  And Rehm finally finished everything and needs to go to DPS to get his Learners Permit.  I was going to put that off until we return but one of the forms will not longer be valid if I do.  And we would need a replacement from the school which I'm not sure we will be able to get in mid-July.

I'm afraid it will be evening tomorrow before I start putting things in suitcases.  Did I mention I'm starting to panic?

Oh and the kids are starting to freak out as well.  And they are all exhausted from VBS this week.  They love it.  VBS is awesome but it sure does suck all the the energy out of you .

It's a good thing I work well under pressure.

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Unknown said...

Have an awesome trip!
Keep us updated with your journey.🌻