Thursday, June 09, 2016

Last Day of School

I can't believe the year is over.  Overall, I think all four had a good year.  I don't have an official last day picture for Charlotte as she only went to school for three hours during the last week of school.  That was the next to last day of school and mostly so she could go to lunch to see her friend.  And completely because I made her go.

Charlotte's sixth grade year was one of branching out and making new friends.  It was fun to see her blossom as a middle school and rise to the challenge of the additional freedom and responsibility that comes with it.  She loved choir and dance and hated PE.

Ruby and her reading award.  She received this for being one of the top ten readers in fourth grade in number of minutes read outside of class, and this was without turning in her last month's reading log.

Ruby had a great fourth grade year.  She continues to build self confidence in her academic abilities. This year her love for reading really blossomed.  Learning Ally definitely contributed to that as well as teachers who encourage her.  She has really great friends and it is awesome that her best friend lives in the neighborhood and they can hang out easily.

Eliza Claire's fourth grade year was a bit more of a challenge.  Fourth grade is a big writing year.  Writing does not come easy to her.  She is very competitive and likes to be the best at everything.  This combination made for some difficult times at school.  We have a plan in place for next year and hope to help her over this hump.

Rehm's transition to high school could not have been better.  Marching band played a big part in that.  He loves band, French, Student Council and learning in general.  His goal is to be a leader in everything he does.  He has a great group of friends and I think knows every teacher at the school already.

Summer is off to a great start.  I'm happy for a break from the crazy school schedules.

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