Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Day 12 of 30 Days of Mayhem: Traveling from Connecticut to New York City

Today was mostly a travel day, even though we did not have far to go.  

Beth and Chuck took us to the Casino for breakfast.  It was delicious!  We all swore we were not going to have lunch.  Most of us lied.  Though lunch was deli meat and cheese roll ups with chips while driving so nowhere near as good as breakfast.  Chuck was nice and took Rehm to breakfast in the Corvette.  He offered to bring one of the girls or me home in it but we declined and let Rehm ride back in it as well.

We packed up, not a quick process and said our goodbyes to Beth, Chuck, Andy and Shadow.  It is a good thing we had somewhere else we needed to be or I might have just moved in.  Did I mention how much I enjoyed our visit and how beautiful this part of CT is?  I'm pretty sure if I visited in the winter I would not like it nearly as much, but this time of year it was divine.  

I slept most of the way to New York City.  My allergies seem to be bothering me and I'm crossing my fingers that I'm not getting a sinus infection.  Never fear, I did come prepared with an antibiotic just in case.  I'm afraid I'm going to have to bust it out soon.  

When we got to Brooklyn the kid were just amazed.  Then they saw the NYC skyline and all about fainted.  They were just flabbergasted.  It was awesome and the whole reason we are doing this trip.  

We arrived at our apartment? for the next three days about 4:45.  We got everyone unloaded and assigned sleeping spots.  I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of space we have.  We have one bedroom, two bathrooms, a kitchen, eating area, and living area with pullout and queen sized bed in it. I was able to use more than one pot to make dinner.  We had pasta with red sauce and meatballs or Alfredo sauce and bacon.  

This evening we have taken it easy and been working on the plan for the next two days.

Tomorrow, we will go to the Statue of Liberty, the 911 Memorial, and some other stuff I can't remember right now.  

States Visited so Far:  11

Now to go finish the two day I haven't blogged,

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