Thursday, June 23, 2016

Day 6 of 30 Days of Mayhem: Ohio, Michigan and Traveling to Niagara Falls

I usually do my writing in the van between different stops.  For whatever reason that did not happen yesterday.  Probably due to exhaustion.  I tried to sleep between Cincinnati and Ann Arbor but had no luck,  Every time I would get close, one of the kids would need something that was by my feet and I didn't want Michael trying to get stuff while also trying to drive.

Funny story about Ohio.  As a kid I could not for the life of me pronounce this state correctly.  Most of the time it came out Hi-o-o or Ho-i-o.  My family found this hilarious and would ask me to pronounce it just to laugh at my many random, incorrect pronunciations.  I did not find this funny and can remember ending up in tears over this.  Eventually there was a riddle that helped me.  What's round on the ends and high in the middle? O-hi-o.  Then if I thought about it first I could do it.  I can now as an adult say Ohio without thinking about it, but it is still my first thought every time and hear anything about the state.
Rehm loves listening to comedians.  Whatever he was listening to was cracking him up.

Our plan was to get up at 7:00 and be packed and out of the hotel by 9:00.  We were up by 7:00 but we did not get out of the hotel until almost 10:00.  Then we had stopped traffic for an accident in Ohio.  It would have been quicker to go through Ohio, the corner of Pennsylvania and New York to get to Niagara Falls, but I wanted us to add another state to our total when we planned our trip and go through Michigan.  So we drove through the University of Michigan, which I think was a good choice.  Rehm was not sold on the campus until he saw the Law School buildings, then he decided he could most definitely consider UM for college.

Lunch consisted of sandwiches, lunch meat and cheese or egg salad, and German potato salad made with the leftover baked potatoes from dinner the night before.  It was yummy it.

It so happens that friends of ours moved to Ann Arbor about two years ago.  Michael and Jill actually grew up together as they both grew up going to Covenant Presbyterian.  Jill and I texted back and forth and as luck would have it they were home and we were able to stop for a short visit with them.  It was so great to see Jill, Aubrey, Henry and Jill's parents who were visiting.  I miss their sweet family.  Aubrey, Ruby and Eliza Claire are all the same age and grew up going to preschool, choir, and Sunday school  together.

When we crossed the border into Canada, I made a comment to all the kids that they had now all been out of the US.  Charlotte piped up with, "Well, we have now all been out of the country legally, I have already been out of the country!"  I guess technically this is true as when were were in Big Bend in 2014 they kids were splashing around in the Rio Grande River and she definitely crossed the halfway point in the river and was technically on Mexican soil for all of about 30 seconds.

After stopping in Ann Arbor we headed to Windsor, just across the Canadian border and had dinner with Julie and her family.  Julie is another of the September 1999 Moms.  I've know her for 17 years and this is the first time we have met in real life!  It was so nice to get to me her, Rob, Kate (who is Sam's age) and Rachel.  My kids were thrilled to be eating at a restaurant and not in the car or in a hotel room.  We ate at Boston Pizza.  It was yummy but the best part was definitely the company.

OK Canadian friends what are these Ikea Order and Pick Up Centers you have and why don't we have them in the states?  What an awesome idea!  I love Ikea, or as a affectionately call it, the Stuff Mart.  I must watch way too much Veggie Tales or at least I obviously used to let my kids watch way too much Veggie Tales as this is another Veggie Tales reference.  Anyway,  I do love Ikea, but sometimes I just want to get something and don't want to spend an hour walking through the store to get one item.

Rehm's sleeping spot.  Has asked to sleep elsewhere.  When offered a bed with his father, he decided he would stay here.
From our dinner stop Niagara Falls was supposed to be about four hours.  Due to a pit stop in London and road construction it took closer to five and a half.  We arrived at the hotel around midnight.  We were all exhausted and done.

When we got to the window to see the falls Eliza Claire got very worried and asked what had happened.  She saw the mist rising from the falls (which were not lit due to the late hour) and thought that there had been/was a fire.  I explained what it was and she relaxed and started enjoying the view.
While the shorter route would have gotten us to our destination much quicker, I am so glad we took the slower route and got to visit with friends.  That time was worth every bit of the extra travel time and the super long day.

Additional Wildlife Seen: lizards, rabbit

States visited so far:  States: 6, Countries: 2, Great Lakes: 1


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