Tuesday, June 14, 2016

What is 30 Days of Mayhem?

If you haven't heard, we are heading on a crazy 30 day long car trip.  We will be visiting 21 states, I think, the District of Columbia and Canada.  Yes, we are crazy, but you already knew that.

We are sleeping in Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Canada (Niagara Falls), Connecticut, New York, DC, North Carolina, and Mississippi.  We will be visiting lots of family, zoos, museums, historical sites, universities and beaches.  We have reservations for all of our nights.  Our days are loosely planned but not completely set in stone yet.

I am planning to do most of our dinners in the Instant Pot so I am sure there will be some fun recipes and stories to follow from that.

All of the kids have a journal for recording their experiences.  I, of course will be blogging the experience.  I'm sure plenty of pictures will also get posted to Facebook and Instagram.  We will be using #30DaysofMAYHEM as our trip hashtag.

Here are some of the goodies I have crafted with help from my good friends Dianne and Twila for the trip.

We will also have the hashtag on the back of the van and each person has a nickname that will be on their window on the van.

My kids are already coming up with plans for how to have "alone time" when they are frustrated or otherwise don't want to be with the rest of us.  One plan is that if they have their head covered with their car blanket that means leave them alone.  The other plan is that the closet in the hotel will be be the alone space.  If someone is in there they don't want to be spoken to.  I imagine there will be fights over the closet.

We may all need therapy by the time this trip is over.

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