Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Today Rehm got to read a segment over the intercom during the morning announcements. One of his classes is adopting a sea turtle for their independent study project. As a class they have to raise $25 to adopt the turtle. They have made posters and collection banks and now they all get to take a turn reading the morning announcement asking all the students to donate to their cause.

Rehm was the first of the six students to have a turn. The teacher knew he would be out later in the week to have new ear tubes put in and didn't want him to miss out on the fun. He brought home the script last night and practiced several times. This morning he read through it a few more times. I could tell he was a little nervous about doing it.

I asked him how it went and he said "fine." Later he mentioned that when he came back to his class he got a round of applause. So I guess he did a good job.

Here is what he had to read:

First graders are working as hard as can be
To save the turtles that live in the sea.
So please bring your change and help us out

We'll change the world without a doubt!

Once they adopt the sea turtle they will be able to track it on the web. The class will all be working individually on learning different things about the sea turtle. They will each do a 15 minute presentation in May complete with project board and other materials.

I'm sure you will be hearing a lot more about the sea turtle.

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Cici said...

My message from yesterday never made it to you...what I said was tell Rehm it sounds like he did a great job yesterday. Tell him to let me know if his turtle starts toward the NC coast and I will go down and see if I can get a picture for him.

Also, tell him not to worry about the oceanography building at A&M, we will check out the one at Morehead this summer.