Monday, February 11, 2008

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby

Last Thursday or Friday I made popcorn for the kids to snack on. One of the big kids spilled some on the carpet. I saw Ruby messing around and realized she had put a popcorn kernel up her nose. I helped her blow it out. This happened a second time before I got the popcorn cleaned up. I just shook my head. Why in the world would you want to put something up your nose?

So this morning Ruby is eating breakfast and her nose is runny. I get her a tissue and ask her to blow. She blows really hard and out pops a popcorn kernel! Any bets on if there are more still up there? That could not have been comfortable for the past three of four days. Silly, silly girl.

Ah the joys of toddlerhood.

1 comment:

Cici said...

I am thinking that my nick-name for Ruby might be "Kernel" instead of the one I had chosen.