Thursday, February 07, 2008

Another Visit So Soon?

Yep, we are keeping the tooth fairy busy this week. Rehm has lost another tooth! If she is as generous as she has been in the past he will have had a very profitable week. Rehm earned a $10 Toys R Us gift card at Bible Adventures (Sunday school) and has been trying to earn another one so he would have enough money to buy a Pokemon starter kit. It looks like he will have enough money to buy it tomorrow without having to earn another gift card.

In case you are wondering, the tooth fairy brings $5 a tooth to our house. Before you start giving me a hard time, remember that is at most $100 over the course of 6 years or so. So far in 10 months we have had to cough up all of $20. Rehm only gets $1.50 a week for allowance and he only gets $1.05 of that to actually spend. So if the tooth fairy is a little generous that is OK.

Where do you think I'll be tomorrow afternoon?
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Brenna and Molly said...

What a grin!!! And I'm all for the tooth fairy being generous. Like you said, it's a rare treat, it brings the kids such joy and frankly, it's the same money going around anyway. Basically he's only using it on things that you'd wind up buying sometime anyway and this way he gets the self-satisfaction.

Congrats to the toothless guy!

Cici said...

What a handsome guy!! Can't wait to see him.

Sherri said...

How cute. He looks so old now.