Saturday, February 23, 2008

The New Grocery Game

This morning we needed to go grocery shopping and no one had any scheduled activities. We took a suggestion from the book Baby Proofing Your Marriage that I read recently and made grocery shopping a game. Each parent got a big kid and a little kid and half the grocery list. The first team done won and did not have to help unload the groceries from the car.

It is amazing how much quicker the grocery shopping was done and how much easier it was. Everyone had a good time. Charlotte, Eliza Claire, and I won. But only because Michael didn't follow the rules. He stopped and picked up some things that were on my half of the list and that time was enough for us to win.

Now I know you are wondering why this idea was in Baby Proofing Your Marriage. If I remember correctly it was talking about excepting this new life after kids and making it fun. Thus the example of making a family activity out of a chore. It really did make for a fun morning and I think we all enjoyed it.

I definitely think we will be playing this game again.

PS. I thought Baby Proofing Your Marriage was a good book to read. It is witty and good humored and peppered with quotes from real people. It also has some good advice as well.

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