Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Uh Oh!

What a fun day. I've just realized there is literally only one diaper left in the house. And I don't know when either Michael or I will have time to get more. As soon as Ruby and Eliza get up from their nap I have to take Rehm to choir. Then I have to work until 7:45. Michael has meetings until 5:00 and then he has to come to get the kids from church and get them to bed.

I wonder which one of us is going to cart 3 or 4 kids into the grocery store to buy diapers. Why doesn't the grocery store have a drive through for picking up those one or two items you need? It would be so helpful on days like today. I even have a slew of cloth diapers, but I gave away all of my covers so they are no help either.

I never let the diapers get this low. How did this happen?

And to top it off I just went in Rehm's room and oops I left the cat closed up in there all day. Not a great thing to do when the cat is 14.5 years old and diabetic. He has peed on Rehm's bed. Luckily it has a waterproof mattress pad on it. Now I have at least two more loads of laundry to do today and that doesn't count the three loads I've already started that are waiting to be folded. As I was stuffing the comforter in the washing machine, I kept chanting to myself, "I need a front loader, I need a front loader!"



The5Jones said...

That's is so funny about the diapers. That happened to me for the first time last week while everyone was sick. Luckily, my mil had Daniel at swim lessons, so she picked some up on the way home.

Sherri said...

Sounds like a normal day around here. Except for me it is usually that my family wants food in the house and I haven't had time to buy it. How are people supposed to work, go to school and raise a family - and oh, I forgot take care of the house, yard and cars?

Cici said...

Once you get diapers, may need to consider putting one on Zach.