Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I had mustard on my sandwich at lunch today. I am now wearing it on my shirt. My Mommy has chosen not to change my clothes as she thinks I'll just get something else on them. If you see me today, please notice my new hair cut and not my dirty shirt. My Mommy and I would both appreciate it!

And yes, my Mommy knows there are things called bibs that keep some food off of my clothes. I however, don't really like them and tend to take them off before my food arrives. Or my other trick is to just smear the food on my pants or sleeves if I wear a bib.

I'll give you a big smile if I see you today, especially if you tell me how pretty I am.
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Cici said...

Ruby, are you trying to "make the case" for your Mommy that she needs a new washer/dryer?

Your hair looks really cute!!

Keri said...

What mustard Ruby? All I see if a fabulous new do. ;-) Obviously the bib did not compliment your new cut and therefore had to go!

Sherri said...

I did notice the haircut first. You look marvelous, Ruby