Friday, February 22, 2008

Flashback Friday

About three weeks ago I cooped in Charlotte's class when they were doing their unit on Dinosaurs. That day they were starting some triops (aka auqasaur) eggs. I told the teacher all about my expensive and unsuccessful attempts to grow triops and she laughed and said she didn't think they would have any luck because she hadn't followed the directions.

I noticed about a week ago that they were still there. I asked the teacher about them. She said one day she started to throw them out because they hadn't done anything - she had them sitting on a shelf and hadn't fed them or anything - and one of the students saw something moving. Sure enough there were two triops!

As of today they have two nice sized triops living in their classroom. They are in a plastic container, have not had a constant temperature and are being fed fish food. They are doing great!

Michael continues to laugh at how annoyed I am by this. But of course he wasn't the one that failed miserably at growing them in the past. Of course this is making me want to try again. Apparently I tried too hard when I was doing them before. Here are last years endeavors...

From January 12, 2007
Our other excitement right now is growing Aquasaurs. Rehm received them for Christmas. From his parents - I managed to loose them the first time I bought them and had to purchase a second set. Then we had to have a desk lamp to help regulate the temperature. Finally, way too many dollars later, we are raising baby Aquasaurs. Rehm was very funny. After we had added the eggs to the water he got a funny look on his face and said "Oh no! in one to three days I'm going to be a parent!" He didn't sound so excited about them then.

The Fake Auqasaur - January 28, 2007

What is Frank? January 29, 2007

So long Frank February 4, 2007

Another try for Auqasuars February 17, 2006

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