Sunday, April 05, 2009


The big kids were both singing in church this morning. We took Ruby and Eliza Claire to hear them at the 11:00 service. Before the service started Eliza Claire said she wanted to see the angels. Me, being a bad mom and bad Christian, told her there were no angels to see today.

I know better than to tell my small children absolutes about religion, but of course knew no one would be dressed up like an angel since it wasn't a musical or Christmas event. I know they are many times much more in tune with what God wants to share with us than the adults around them are. Today of course was no exception. She stood up on my lap, pointed at the sanctuary choir and said, "I see the angels, Mommy. They are right there."

When the organist started the first hymn Eliza Claire looked at me and said, "it's Away in the Manger, Mommy!" It wasn't, it was "Hosanna, Lord, Hosanna" or something like that. I recognized the tune but not the words.

When the children's choirs were finished with their song, Eliza Claire looked at me and said, "That was a very pretty song!" Rehm and Charlotte both did great. Though Charlotte did sing a couple of extra Hosanna's during what was supposed to be a musical interlude. She truly loves to sing and you can just see the joy of it on her face.

Apparently Eliza Claire would like it if we took her to worship more frequently than just Christmas.

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Jill said...

Sometimes, I find we just have to open our eyes to see what they see. Aren't they wonderful?