Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Would you let your eight year old boy who loves the ocean wear these?

Rehm and I spotted these on our quest for Crocs this weekend. It is very hard to find size four crocs, even knock offs in boy colors. In one of the many stores we went in, Rehm spotted these Chuck Taylors. They did not have them in his size. He still really wants to find them. My first thought when I saw them was it's at shame they don't have a boy version of that shoe. But when he asked about them I had the if he wants them and would wear them do I really care? thought.

So would you let your son wear these? Just curious.


Jill said...

Sure, why not. After working in schools, it is harder to be an individual when they get older. So I say go for it now.

Alicia said...

I agree that if he's willing to wear them then why not!? They really look like they could go either way to me.

Meredith said...

Well, I am going to add my 2 cents here. These shoes seem so distinctly Rehm to me. And Chuck Taylors are awesome and a perfect shoe on boys.

Shelly said...

Yes, but them I'm the one who is currently wearing sunglasses I bought without noticing the tag says "Mens."

If he likes them, wear them. He'll outgrow them or wear them out before it becomes an "issue".

Doodle - said...

I would let him get them. He will wear them a few times and they will get a little grimy and the pastel colors will be less noticeable.

Or if it really bothers you, you can get a Sharpie and color in the animals that you think look too girly. *shrug*

But to be perfectly honest, I think they are unisex.