Sunday, April 19, 2009


Michael went to check on Ruby because she was crying after bedtime. She had her foot stuck between the mattress and the bed frame of her bed. Eliza Claire had somehow caused that - don't ask me how, it is apparently at twin thing. Michael her got her unstuck. She starts crying harder and screaming.


Because she wanted Mommy to get her foot unstuck and was mad that Daddy had done it. She was so determined that I get her out that she kept trying to get her foot re-stuck, but couldn't do it by herself. Her father told her sister not to help her.

That was fifteen minutes ago. She is still screaming...

Think she might be stubborn?

I wonder where she got that trait. Any ideas?


Alicia said...

I feel your pain! Some days Ryan is the exact same way.

Doodle - said...

Tenacious little one isn't she ;)

Cici said...

Some of us KNOW where she got that trait!