Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday and Krabby Patties...

("Guest" post by Michael :) )

So, I was reading Rehm's Bible story tonight and we skipped out of order (there's a daily reading guide in the back that we normally do) so that we could read Luke 23, since it is Good Friday. (Actually, when I opened to it, we backed up and started at Luke 22:54 since that is part that makes me feel the conviction of Good Friday the most, but that's beside the point).

After we were done, he asked where the part about breaking Jesus' legs was. I said it was in a different book, maybe Matthew (wrong- he was thinking of this part in John). Why wasn't it in Luke? I told him, "I guess Luke didn't think it was important."

He said, "Well, of course it was important. Hellooooo? The PROPHECY! You know what?"


Then there was a pause...

...and I was waiting for something profound to come out of his mouth...

...and out came..."Like the prophecy in SpongeBob, that was above King Krabs, aka Mr. Krabby,'s head, and" and he went on to recap the entire SpongeBob episode.

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