Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Conversations with Two Year Olds

On Michael's birthday. We had cake after dinner. We even sang Happy Birthday and made him blow out candles! Right after blowing out the candles Eliza Claire says, "Daddy, you need to open your presents now!" Ruby looked at her and very seriously responded, "Liza, Daddy don't go not presents!"

She was correct and incorrect all at the same time. Michael had received his birthday gift, new sunglasses, a week early since he had to pick them out and that was when we had time to do so. So he got a birthday present, but he did not have anything to open on his actual birthday. Thus, the "Daddy don't got no presents" response.


We have planned a summer trip to NC. We were talking about it in the van recently. Rehm was lamenting that we don't get to go to the beach this time, so we were talking about the things we would do and the people we would see. I started listing relatives, "we'll seeZander, Brady, Rosie, Riley, Zachary..."

Ruby interrupted me with, "Oh boy, we get to see our kitty cat!"

"No sweetheart. Not the kitty cat named Zachary. He died. He's in heaven. We get to see your cousin, The Boy Named Zachary."

It cracks me up that Ruby and Eliza Claire think we have shipped the cat off somewhere and that he is coming back. This is not the first conversation like this where they get all excited because they think we are going to see/go get him. I wonder when they will finally realize that he truly isn't coming back? And it just baffles me that they think we would just leave him somewhere for this long and not have him at home.

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Cici said...

Maybe we need to start calling Zach, the boy named Zach, like we did when Rehm was little.

Tell Ruby that the boy named Zach has a cute new puppy that she can see, but no kitty cat.