Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Rehm Birthday Recap

The Birthday Boy before leaving for school

Gift from Mom and Dad. He was very concerned when it was only an envelope.

Rehm had a great eight birthday. On his actual birthday, he opened gifts from us and Cici and Papa before going to school.

We took pokeball themed cake pops to share with his class. Eliza Claire, Ruby and I went to have lunch with him to celebrate the special day.

Doesn't he look thrilled that we joined him for lunch?

After school he got to open the rest of his presents from his sisters and Grandma and Grandpa. He got to chose dinner for the evening too. And no it did not include take out.

For his birthday party he invited his friends Lael and Will over for movie watching, pizza making and Wii playing and cookie cake eating. They had a great time.

Michael and I really tried to steer gift giving toward things he needed or had a real interest in and tried to keep the celebration cost in check. He loved his present from us - a note. It was a claim check for all the supplies and fish needed to reset up his 5 gallon aquarium. He and I went to pick all of it out together. He helped with all the tank set up and picked the fish, guppies, to go in the tank. We still owe him one fish. I wanted to start with two and see how they did before adding the third. So far they've done well. Rehm is really enjoying taking care of his new pets.

Other gifts included a bionic eyeclops, two board games, sea monkeys, a backpack, a lunch box, pokemon cards, a Clone Wars movie, two Wii games and some pokemon cards.

Definitely a good birthday.

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