Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Traditions

My family seems to have some weird Easter traditions. Some I grew up with, some have been developed in my married life. It is funny, knowing they are weird seems to add to their appeal to me. It gives me a sense of belonging, of having something that makes us unique - I don't know it just makes me smile.

Tradition #1 - Individual Egg Salad
This tradition comes from my childhood. I had no clue this was a strange or weird tradition until Michael visited my family for Easter. I believe the Easter visit occurred pre-marriage. My mom's family (grandparents, siblings, all the children) always had lunch at my grandparents every Sunday. Easter was no exception.

The requisite hard boiled, dyed Easter eggs were always part of the meal. Everyone got their own bowl and would peel, mash, and mix their very own egg salad right at the table as part of their lunch. We would all pass the salt, pepper, vinegar and mayo from person to person and mash and mix until we each got it just right. I did not even equate this "dish" with the term "egg salad." It was just what you did with Easter eggs. I did not know another way to eat a hard boiled egg. If you had asked me if I liked egg salad I would have said, "no."

I still do this. In fact, I did it last night. And, I helped each one of my girls make their very own egg salad, too. Yes, it would have been quicker to just make a large batch of egg salad and dish it out to everyone, but that is just not how it is done. I don't know that I could get the proportions right with more than two eggs at a time.

Now when I do this, though, I know it is weird. But you know what? I don't care. It is part of my heritage. It is who I am and where I'm from and that makes it so much better. Even when I'm 1300 miles from the rest of my family I feel connected to them because I know that they are doing the same silly thing that I am.

Tradition #2 - The Easter Meal
Ten years ago, I was pregnant with my first child. When consulted about what we should eat for Easter, I commented that I had a craving for fajitas. Everyone decided to indulge me and that is what we had. The next year was not an easy Easter. Our precious baby had died at birth and we were celebrating the resurrection with empty arms. Thus we really didn't feel the desire to celebrate in a traditional way. So we had fajitas again that year.

As most of you know, I married an Aggie. In true Aggie fashion if something occurs twice it becomes tradition and thus the reason that 10 years later we are still having fajitas for Easter.

I hope, when my children get older and realize that these traditions are not, well, traditional, they find it endearing and feel that same sense of connectedness that I do. I don't know, maybe they will just think we are weird and have scarred them for life. Either way I'm glad to have these traditions with these precious people!

So what are your traditions for this holiday?

Happy Easter.


Jill said...

Just two more reasons why I am so glad that we are friends.

Keep carrying those traditions on. You are awesome.

Beth said...

I love your non-traditional traditions. Fajitas beat ham any day in my book. Hope you had a great Easter!

Karen said...

I love your Easter traditions.

(We ate at my grandparents every Sunday, too.)

Shelly said...

Fabulous traditions. And fajitas for Easter is a beautiful tradition honoring Sam. You'll laugh, but we have a similar post-marriage tradition about Chinese food on Xmas Eve.

Cici said...

Ate an egg and thought about you!

friendsmiling said...

Wow, I didn't realize that was a weird tradition until right now. We all sat around the table and made individual egg salad yesterday too. I am surprised that Summers didn't make fun of us. Even weirder, I ate mine out of hte bowl.

DeedleMe said...

What great memories you brought up! I remember those individual egg salads... and how we would play for hours outside after we ate! I had a great Easter this year, Savannah was baptized in the Yadkin River! It was beautiful.... thank you for the reminder of our fun times! Love!