Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Mean Mommy Strikes Again

Charlotte is enamored with tape. Of course that means she goes through it very quickly. Recently she asked for more tape for her desk in her room. I would not let her have mine from the junk drawer. However, when I went to the store the next day I was nice enough to pick up a roll of tape. The next day when she saw it, I told her it could be hers for the low price of $1.35. She happily skipped up to her room and came back with "one of the paper ones, a large silver coin and a small silver coin." Then she returned to her room for an hour of taping to her heart's content.

Charlotte receives $1.25 in allowance. Out of that $.12 goes to tithe, leaving her with $1.13 per week. I charged her more than a week's allowance for the tape. I charged her exactly what I paid for it. I did not charge her for delivery. Luckily, Charlotte doesn't spend her allowance often and has about $15 saved up so she can have all the tape she wants for now. I think I could have charged her $10 for the roll of tape and she would have happily paid it. That is how much she loves tape, or how clueless she is about the value of money...But I'm not that mean.

If you are wondering, Rehm hasn't asked for Propel in a long time, I guess it just isn't worth the cost.

Told you I was mean:)


Cici said...

They were "demo-ing" Propel at Costco last week...that stuff is not good!

I imagine the only people who like it have a parent who ate hash browns with parmesan and vinegar!

Remind me to buy tape for Charlotte's birthday.

Brenna and Molly said...

I still can't look at a Propel in the store without thinking of Rehm! :) And my girls have a tape fixation too. I hide the dispenser!

Wencked said...

This accountant type loves your money lessons...I'm taking notes for the future ; )

Keri said...

Awwww, so I am not the only mom who has resorted to making my child pay for their own tape. It's nice to know I'm in good company.

DeedleMe said...

Kind of reminds me of ketchup.... remember that lesson with Vicki???