Saturday, April 04, 2009

Spring Break

We had a great week for Spring Break. It was so nice to have everyone home and not have 50 million different places we needed to be. Of course, I had grand ideas of getting some spring cleaning done and getting caught up on many things around the house. At the end of the break, I was more behind than ever and none of the special projects got done.

So what did we actually do for Spring Break?

We visited Daddy at work.

We had a couple of play dates at the beginning of the week.

I worked all day Wednesday.

Thursday we went to Sea World. Sea World was very crowded. In fact, the most crowed I've ever seen it, including past spring breaks. It seemed like the whole day was spent waiting in line to do things we could have done at home, like eating and going to the bathroom. I swear it is not fair that I have to take three girls to the restroom while Michael only takes one boy. I bet I spent over an hour Thursday standing in line to go to the bathroom or actually in the bathroom helping children take care of business! We did finally see some shows - Sesame Street, Believe (Shamu) and Viva (Belugas and pacific white sided dolphins with divers and the silly man). We also got to see the diver feed the fish in the Coral Reef exhibit. And that is about it.

Michael and the big kids stood in line for a couple of rides but the lines were just too long and they never rode anything. Rehm was very excited to be tall enough to ride all the rides at Sea World now and very sad to not ride a single one while we were there.

There was one very magical moment while seeing Shamu. Shamu did a big backwards flip and Ruby was so awed by it that she gasped and put both hands to her face in Home Alone fashion. Unfortunately she was sitting on my lap and I could not snap her picture. But it was wonderful to see her so engaged and amazed by what she was seeing.

Friday our friends the Wevodaus came for a visit and stayed until Sunday. While they were here we went out to Sweet Berry Farm to pick strawberries and feed the goats and horses. I forgot my camera and only pictures I got were with my phone. What was I thinking?

Then it was back to business as usual.

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