Monday, February 28, 2011

Another Big Success!

Ruby started biting her nails last summer. I don't know what made her start but it quickly turned into a really bad habit with her nails always bit all the way to the quick. They were often sore and sometimes bleeding. We tried a few different things to get her to stop without success.

On New Years Eve I was talking to a friend whose daughter sucked her thumb. She had just bought Malva Stop to start painting on her thumbs to try to break the habit. When she ordered it she had to purchase two bottles. She graciously offered me one for Ruby. Her daughter quit sucking her thumb in under two weeks. Our success was not as quick. But as of this week Ruby has normal looking fingernails! I still paint them with the Malva Stop twice a week but the habit seems to be broken.

As a reward Ruby chose some new Playmobil mermaids over going to have a mani/pedi. They seem to be a hit and much more fun than nail biting.

A package for Ruby

Fun mermaid toys!

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