Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Pinewood Derby: Perry Style

I am always amazed at what Rehm comes up with for the Pinewood Derby.  Usually he has a definite idea of what he wants his car to look like.  This year he was having a hard time coming up with ideas.  After browsing online pictures of Pinewood Derby cars we came across this picture and "knew what we were going to do today."

We had a lot of technical difficulty this year which made this the most expensive pinewood derby car to date.  Michael and Rehm usually go over to one of the other pack member's house to use their band saw.  This year we missed one work day and the other got canceled due to rain.  Michael rented a portable ban saw ($30) and they proceeded to ruin their first block of wood.  After buying a replacement block ($10 because the only one available came with a bunch of other stuff) and some new hand saw (no idea what this cost or what it was but know it wasn't a hack saw because we already have one of those) they were back in business.  Going the hand saw route and letting Rehm draw out the design led to an interesting Perry.  After sanding and painting and another trip to Michael's for eyes and weights ($6) Rehm had a Perry the Platypus that he had very obviously made himself with very little parent help.  Total cost of the car was estimated at about $55!  As always though the experience and learning are priceless.

First coat complete
Trying out some eyes for size

He's Perrryyyy!

Perry the Platypus!

He's Perrryyyy!

A-gent P!


He did win a trophy for being second fastest in his den. He was hoping to win a design trophy, but alas, he did not. 

Only one more pinewood derby car ever to do in this house.  Right now that makes me very happy.

Here were some of my favorite weighting solutions.  Some of these totally cracked me up.

The yellow car ended up being really fast.  Love the washers on the green car.
Yep, some random rocks glued to the top. I think the quarters were taped on.
Yep those are random tools rubber banded to the top of this car

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