Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Things said during the Children's Sermon

The children's sermon was always my favorite part of worship until my kids got old enough to participate.  I always thought the children were so adorable and precocious.  It is amazing how your perspective changes when it is your child up there and you have no clue what might come out of their mouths.  It doesn't help my anxiety during the children's sermon that all four of my children are very comfortable at our church (a good thing) and very comfortable sharing in a large group (also a good thing) and very opinionated (mostly a good thing).

The service we normally attend does not have a children's sermon, but this past Sunday we went to a different service that did have a children's sermon.  All four Maniacs went up to participate.

The topic this week was the permanence of God.  The Director of Children's Ministry started off asking what everyone got for Christmas and writing those things on a white board.  Given the amount of time and effort that Santa put into finding a Ladybug monster truck for Ruby I was glad it made the list of "things the kids got for Christmas two months ago and still remember."  Of course, after listing all the stuff for a couple of minutes the leader then erased it all and talked about how that all those things are just stuff and won't last.  Then she asked what kinds of things they wanted for their birthday.  The list included things like bikes, new toys, ponies, a pool, a trampoline, etc.  She then asked, "Will this stuff stay around forever?" and started erasing the list.  At that point, Charlotte piped up with "Well, the pool might!"

The Director finished the sermon by talking about how Jesus was the only thing that lasted forever and that He could not be erased (complete with Jesus written permanent marker for illustration).  I'm glad now when my kids see a dry erase marker they will think "stuff" and when they see a sharpie they will think "Jesus."

We dodged the embarrassing your parents by what you said during the children's sermon bullet this week. Unfortunately, there is always next week and knowing the Maniacs we won't always dodge it.


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