Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What Passes for Entertainment at our House

The house across the street had a waste water pipe that was damaged.  The city had been out a couple of times to diagnose the problem and yesterday came out to fix it.  After the bigs got home from school I looked around and realized none of my children were in the house.  I opened the front door and this is what I found.

I grabbed something to drink and went to join them on the curb.  We stayed there for about 45 minutes watching them finish up.  While we were watching a dump truck came and proceeded to dump sand in the hole.  You would have thought Eliza Claire had won the lottery she was so excited.  She told me, "Mom, I've never seen a dump truck dump before!"  Then she asked at least three times if girls could do this when they grew up.  I assured her that she could.  It made her day.  Her new goal in life is to be a City Water employee, fix broken pipes, and drive a bulldozer or dump truck.

The crew was so nice!  They were joking with the kids and answering their questions, ok, and even my questions.  They seemed to like having an audience.  When they left, one crew member motioned to another to blow the horn on the dump truck.  The one driving the dump truck motioned that he wasn't supposed to and the first one motioned back to tell him to do it anyway.  He proceeded to blow the horn three or four times and solidify Eliza Claire's career choice.  She was so delighted by the whole experience.

I had a very long to do list yesterday, but I am so glad I blew off folding laundry to sit with my kids and give them this fun memory.  They will appreciate Mom sitting with them applauding the dump truck much more than folded laundry I'm sure.

Yeah, apparently life in our part of Texas isn't very exciting...

PS We just got home from preschool.  The Street Crew is out front today to replace the piece of sidewalk that got dug up.  I know where we'll be after getting the bigs from school.  Snack will be curbside today.

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Phyllis said...

Go, Eliza Claire! I always wanted to be a carpenter but it was not a choice at that time. Nothing wrong with any career as long as we give it our best!