Thursday, February 17, 2011

Poor Girl

Eliza Claire has strep throat and it is all my fault. You see, the housekeeper was coming Tuesday. In preparation I put away the thermometer and medicines that were sitting on my bathroom counter from Charlotte's bout with strep throat a week and a half ago. I'm very superstitious about putting them away as illness always seems to follow doing so. Thus, it is all my fault she got sick.

She was very pitiful all day yesterday and all morning today. She only wanted to sit on my lap and refused to eat. Her throat looked so bad and she was so miserable at the doctor's office that he didn't even bother to culture her. Poor girl had to get an antibiotic shot to boot.

Waiting for the doctor.

I can say that she is definitely feeling better since leave the doctor. She asked for and ate an entire hotdog for lunch and hasn't made me hold her since we got home. She is currently enjoying playing games on the iTouch.

Three and a half hours after receiving her shot.  She is a much happier girl!

I am off to throw away toothpaste and tooth brushes, again. And then I'm going to search out all the girls lip gloss and toss it, too. Oh, and I'm going to Lysol everything that doesn't move in this house.

Unfortunately I'm not feeling great this afternoon. I'm not sure, at this point, if I am coming down with strep throat or if I'm just having typical mom sympathy symptoms coupled with sleep deprivation from caring for the patient last night. I guess time will tell, but man, I could really use a nap!

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