Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tree Climbing

Right now tree climbing is very popular at my house. I know it is good for the kids to challenge their bodies and learn their physical limitations as well as their comfort levels with danger. But I cringe every time someone starts climbing. So far we have only had a few scrapes and someone getting too high and getting scared about coming down. Yep, I have a couple over over-committers. They commit to
situations before thinking about the consequences. Then being the drama queens they are major theatrics ensue. I'm sure you can figure out which children I'm referring to.

Anyway, back to tree climbing, it looks like it might be time to advise against climbing in a dress and probably against crocs as well. Though I doubt anyone will listen.

For now I'll continue to hold my breath and let them climb. Which means at some point in the future you'll probably get to read a post about someone breaking something in a tree climbing incident. Yeah, I might just be a tad pessimistic...

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