Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Winter Break

Our school district has a winter break in early February every year.  The kids get Monday through Wednesday off school.  Many families take advantage of this break to do their spring break travel at off season prices.  It always seems that for some reason travel isn't a choice for us.

This year, I had planned to take the kids to the Texas Memorial Museum one day and to a local toy store one day to spend some of their allowance and the third day I figured we would catch up on random stuff.  Not big plans, but fun things to occupy us none the less.  Unfortunately, Charlotte spiked a fever Sunday afternoon.  She has strep throat.  Tomorrow she will finally no longer be contagious and it is our last day of our break.  We've spent the last two days, pretty much watching TV, playing video games and just vegging on the couch.  Oh, we did do one science experiment that was sparked by the "beautiful" flowers we bought last week. 

I should have moved the drying launder before snapping this, oh well.  I guess I'm just keeping it real.

Purple water turned the celery brown, red made it kind of yellowish, and blue turned it really bright green. 

I keep seeing all of our friends posting pictures from Disney World and skiing and am feeling a bit envious.  I guess the silver lining is that Charlotte's illness didn't ruin a big family trip.  It would be much more frustrating and disappointing if she were suffering through strep throat at Disney or some other equally cool spot.  Charlotte always gets sick on holidays or trips, its just the way she rolls.

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