Saturday, February 05, 2011

Crazy Saturday

I was reading one of the blog books to Charlotte as her bedtime story last night.  The post we read chronicled a "typical" Sunday.  It was fun to look back on it so I thought I'd chronicle today as it was a bit crazy.

I woke Ruby and Eliza Claire this morning at 7:30.  One or both are usually up by then and if not I'm usually not up to wake them.  They both loved having Mommy come wake them up and both woke with smiles on their faces and giggling.  They had an 8:00 am date with Grandma and Grandpa for a fundraiser pancake breakfast.

I came downstairs to find Rehm making homemade waffles for him and his sister.  He loves making waffles and I'm all for him doing something nice for his sister so this was great.  As soon as Charlotte was finished eating she and I left for her 9:00 am basketball game.

Michael and Rehm joined us for part of Charlotte's game and then left before it was finished to get Rehm to his 10:00 am game.  Charlotte and I were going to the gym after her game but she decided she didn't want to go so I took her to Rehm's game and dropped her off before heading to the gym.  Grandma and Grandpa dropped the twins off at Rehm's game.

While at the gym Charlotte's friend's mom called and asked if she could come for a sleep over tonight.  Charlotte was thrilled with the prospect and we had nothing on the calendar so we excepted.

After Rehm's game and my very quick workout, I met Michael and the kids at Target.  We switched cars for the second time of the morning and he and Rehm went to buy baseball cleats at Academy while the three girls and I stayed at Target for a birthday present.  I was going to pick Charlotte up an overnight bag because she needs something for sleepovers but I didn't find anything I she liked that was affordable, so if you have any suggestions of a place to get a cute overnight bag for a girly girl that won't break the bank please share!

We met back up with the boys for lunch at Double Dave's because the kids had been begging, actually they had been asking politely but frequently, to go there.  After lunch, we all came home.  Michael immediately left to take Rehm to a baseball clinic, thus the need for shoes, and I went to get showered and decent for my date with Eliza Claire - a birthday party at Pump It Up for one of her classmates and something "special" with mommy.

While I was getting ready, Eliza Claire made a card for her friend "Abigirl."  Her name is Abigail but Eliza Claire insists it is not and insists everyone in our family refer to her as "Abigirl."

Eliza Claire and I left at 1:45 for the party.  After the party we stopped on the way home for ice cream (her choice) as our "something special" to complete our date.  I wonder how long our Baskin Robins has been closed.  I didn't know it was no longer in business and that is where we headed.  Lucky for us there is a still open Berry Cool Yogurt across the street so we were still able to have an acceptable frozen treat.  I kept referring to the yogurt at ice cream and Eliza Claire made a point to correct me every time.

By the time we got home, Michael had finished chipping all the limbs we cut last weekend, picked up Rehm from the baseball clinic and dropped Charlotte off for her sleepover.  We had a quick dinner, some time playing video games and put everyone to bed.

Except for lunch, all six of us were never in the same place and won't be until tomorrow.  Seems kind of strange.  Overall, it was a really good day.

So what did you do today?

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