Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Snow Day - Central Texas Style

Front Yard
All of my Facebook friend laughed heartily when I posted pictures of our snow day last Friday.  They could not believe we got a day off school for so little snow.  What they forget is this is Central Texas and it doesn't snow often and when it does it doesn't matter if it is just a few flakes, it's a big deal.  We did have a little ice proceeding the snow, thus the need for the snow day.  And honestly, if they hadn't canceled school so many families would have kept their kids home to enjoy the rare snow that school would have been a waste for those who did go.

Baron checking out the snow
I think he likes it
He's such a beautiful dog

Howdy.  He's not nearly as impressed by the white stuff
We had been below freezing for three days before the snow but of course as soon as the white stuff arrived the temps went back up well above freezing.  By lunch time the snow was almost completely gone.

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