Tuesday, October 20, 2009


About a month ago Ruby got a cold and I got out the Motrin and Benadryl for the first time this season. I left them on the counter in my bathroom for easy access when needed in the middle of the night. Once she was over her cold, I didn't put them away. They've been sitting on the counter ever since.

Why? Well, every time I started to put them away I would remember how last fall/winter that as soon as I put the meds away someone got sick. I didn't want to deal with another sick child so I've left the medicines sitting there to ward off all illness.

I'm a smart girl. I know that whether or not I put the medicines away or not has no affect on the health of my family. I'm not normally superstitious. And guess what? It didn't do me a bit of good. Ruby woke up with a fever this morning, even with the medicine sitting on the counter. I guess next time I'll put it away...

What are you superstitious about?


Wencked said...

On Monday I wore a black shirt to work...by 9:30am I got a call about my oldest throwing up. So I went and picked him up. Once we were home changed clothes and put shirt back on hanger.

I wore same shirt on Wednesday of same week (wasn't really worn on Monday), by 9:30 am get call from school, youngest is running fever....

The shirt has been taken out of work attire rotation.

Jenn said...

That reminds me of a dress I had in elementary school. I loved the dress it was beautiful. My Mom or Granny had made it for me. I had picked out the pattern and material.

The first or second time I wore it to school I had a very public accident (read that, big puddle of pee around my desk - it was completely the teachers fault). The next time I wore the dress one of my friends puked all over herself in the middle of class. Much to my mom's dismay I would never wear the dress after that. I was convinced it was jinxed.

Hope your boys are feeling better.

friendsmiling said...

I wear the same Carolina shirt for every game or they lose! Also, you must sit in the same chair and you are not supposed to get up during the game. All of this is curtesy of our grandfather