Friday, October 30, 2009

Heard around Mayhem Mania

What today is it? ~Eliza Claire
This means what day is it or what day is tomorrow depending on the time of day it is asked

Hokie Dokie! ~Ruby
Obviously this means Okie Dokie. It is Ruby's new favorite phrase right now. I have no idea where she heard the phrase. I'm assuming on some show. Hmm, probably Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

We need to ding the ding bell! ~Ruby and Eliza Claire
They call the door bell a ding bell. Why? Well, because it dings.

I want scoop for lunch. ~Ruby
Scoop is soup.

I need to put on my jajamas (juh-jah-mas) ~Ruby
jajamas are pajamas. Most of the family call the pajamas, rhymes with llamas. Charlotte calls them pajamas (puh-jam-uhs). I hope that makes sense. I guess I need to video everyone saying the word for it to make sense.

Daddy we have that paper ~Ruby pointing at Michael's shirt
The girls love to color on graph paper. Michael came in the other day in a white dress shirt with small blue square outlines that well, looked like graph paper.


Wencked said...

cute stuff! and thanks for the reminder. I have been meaning to document a few of our funny phrases around here too..the funniest one lately is

"Daddy is going to be Darker Mater"...that means Daddy is going to wear hsi Darth Vader mask for Halloween.

Jenn said...

Another funny cropped up after I posted this. Michael was attending conference downtown last week. Eliza Claire kept telling me that "Daddy is down to town today!"

Maggie said...

The graph paper shirt is hilarious! I don't think I will ever look at those dress shirts the same way!