Monday, October 26, 2009

Trunk or Treat

Our church hosts an awesome Trunk or Treat your Way through the Bible every year. They encourage wearing Bible costumes. The trunks of volunteers cars are decorated as different Bible stories and each trunk gives away a treat that reinforces their Bible story. In addition to trunk or treating there are also lots of other fun activities like bouncy houses and snow cones.

This year Rehm dressed up as Samuel being woken up by God. Charlotte was the burning bush. Ruby was "the ghostess with the mostess." Eliza Claire was a skunk.

They all had a great time.


Cici said...

Rehm does not look "awake"...which book is the ghostest with the mostestin? Guess Genesis would cover the skunk.

Charlotte's costume is really cute.

Alicia said...

They came to my trunk and Charlotte's costume was awesome! Where were you?

Jenn said...

Cici, the Holy Ghost

Alicia, I was home sick.

Alicia said...

did you get the piggy flu?