Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One of those Nights

Everyone had school today. Michael had a meeting at church and left at dinner time. All three of the girls had to get out of the bath early for pouring water out of the bath onto the floor. Of course that started a Ruby Fit.

My mother would stop me now and correct me. She would say it wasn't a Ruby Fit but a Sisk Fit. She would say she knew another little girl that would pitch fits like this and that to call them Ruby Fits is a bit misleading. My mother is not writing this post :) And to clarify, someone who shall remain nameless, may have pitched fits but not with this frequency or intensity. There are times when I expect this child's head to start spinning and eyes to start glowing like in a horror movie. These are some serious fits!

Tonight Ruby's yelling, kicking, screaming, crying lasted a good 45 minutes. She spent a good portion of the time in her room. However, due to the fit and other shenanigans by the other three, none of the children got to have stories. Eliza Claire did finally get her song and tucked in but late. I finally got Ruby tucked in and sung to. As soon as I sang "do dos" to her she turned into the sweetest, most loving child ever. I guess I should have sung it about 40 minutes earlier. I then went to sing Charlotte her song but since I found her jumping on her bed with feathers flying (no clue where they came from as I don' t think she has a feather pillow) she lost song privileges. She was very sad. When I walked by her door after checking on Ruby I heard her tearfully singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to herself. Maybe I should have felt a small twinge of remorse for taking her song privileges away, but alas I didn't.

I came downstairs at 7:40pmto find Rehm, who normally complains about having to turn his light off at 8:oopm, in bed with the lights off and softly snoring. He woke up and apologized for bedtime being crazy, though for once he was not part of the problem and was actually helpful during the fiasco that was bedtime tonight. I thanked him for his help and tucked him in.

Luckily everyone is quiet. I hope that means they are all asleep. They desperately need to be. The little girls were beyond tired, but I don't know how to get them in bed any earlier than 7:30pm. It just doesn't seem possible.

When I sat down I had the craving for a cigarette to de-stress. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I don't have any cigarettes so I had to settle for a Diet Coke and blogging. I guess that is at least healthier if not as relaxing.

Just to clarify: I just re-read this and it sounds like I'm a smoker. I'm not anymore and haven't been a real smoker for many years (10+). That is not to say I don't occassionally have a cigarette, but I'm not a smoker. Yeah, I know that was clear as mud and none of you really cared anyway.

Have a good evening,


Cici said...

Just to clarify things a little bit...when a child has a true Sisk Fit, her (never heard of a boy having one) head actually does spin!

Must admit that these fits are much funnier when you are 1300 miles away from them!

Now I know why I used to smoke 2 packs per day.

Shelly said...


In bed by 7:30? Shoot, mine weren't even home by 7:30 sigh. It's 9 p.m. and Brenna's in bed reading and Cameron is doing homework. Can I go to bed now??

Jenn said...

If I thought smoking would help the fits, I'd go buy a pack now! Man they (the fits) sure do wear you down.

We'll see how funny you think Ruby Fits are you when you visit.

I do remember one Sisk Fit at Granny's where I scrubbed my toes on the carpet, by the door, until they bled. I have no clue how old I was or what set me off, but I remember being to a point I couldn't stop the fit if I had wanted to.

Jenn said...

@Shelly, of course you can go to bed now. I know you've had a long day!

Doodle - said...

Ai yi yi! What a day!

You know after a day like that wanting a cigarette isn't so bad, I tell D from time to time, that it is a miracle I am not an alcoholic after having days like yours.


Brenna and Molly said...

I still chuckle when I think of you calling home from SBR and Rehm calling her "Room Time Ruby." Poor kid just hasa lot of emotion bottled up inside!

And posts like this remind me why I'm so glad I never really established any type of bedtime routine with my girls. On crazy nights I can just holler "EVERYONE - up the stairs- NOW!" and that's considered their "tuck-in" :)