Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jennifer and the Terrible, Horrible, very Bad Day Hour

Eliza Claire fell asleep on the way home from school today. I carried her in and she proceeded to sleep for an hour until I had to wake her to go get the big kids from school. She decided to wake up mad and upset, about like her mother wakes up from a nap. She proceeded to pee on me while crying about the fact that she needed to go potty but refusing to stand up so she could get to said potty.

Ruby decided that this was the perfect time to pitch a fit about not wanting to do whatever I needed her to do. Put her shoes on. Fit. Get in her car seat. Fit. Click her car seat. Fit. get out of her carseat. Fit. Walk across the field. Fit.

I get the big kids. They proceed to bike home by themselves without permission while I dealt with Ruby and Eliza Claire, who were both screaming. If they had asked I would have told them we were going straight to church. They didn't. When I got home, Charlotte was still in the front yard. I sent her in after Rehm. He came out and was mad that we were going straight to church. He was mad that I made him change his pants (they were church pants and today is not a church day - it is a school day). He was mad that I made him go back and shut the door to the house that he left standing wide open. He was mad that he had doritos for snack. He was just mad.

At this point Ruby was screaming. Rehm was crying. Eliza Claire was complaining and I just wanted to move to Australia.

I stopped the car. I told everyone I was getting out for five minutes and when I got back in I expected them to be over their crying, whining and complaining. I proceeded to sit on the front stoop and surf the web long enough to calm down in hopes of not completely losing it with my children.

Rehm is still whiney and trying to tell me why all the things he didn't do right were not his fault but everyone is definitely in a better mood than they were 30 minutes ago. Me, I still think I might like to move to vacation in Australia.



Shelly said...

Bravo! As horrible as your "hour" was, you definitely made me laugh! What did the kids think of Mommy's "time out"?

friendsmiling said...

I am thinking a pack of cigarettes would have been perfect for that moment.

Cathi_in_TX said...

I don't know how you do it sometimes!