Friday, October 30, 2009

The Lady Bug and the Shark

The big kids' school had a character parade at school this morning. The idea is that you dress up as your favorite character from your favorite book. My son always wants to participate but waits to the last minute, the night before, to start thinking about ideas. So then his choices are only things we have in the dress up box. This means that he finds an easy costume and then figures out a way to tie it into some book. He doesn't care what the book is or how lose the connection is. He just doesn't want to be left out anything, but doesn't care enough about it to actually plan ahead.

Last year he came up with being the boy from A Fish Out of Water. This year he decided to wear his shark costume and found some random shark book to say he was a character out of.

Charlotte's class all made lady bug costumes at school and were The Grouchy Lady Bug. This was great! She didn't have to make a decision on a character and the costume design was done for us as well. All she had to do was wear a red shirt and black pants. Given the laundry situation in our house that was a bit of a challenge but we did manage to find both pieces and both were clean. Crazy I know.

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