Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bad Omen?

Today is our 12th wedding anniversary. I am so blessed to be married to a man that twelve years later I still love, respect and enjoy. I told him the other night that not only do I love him but I just really like him! Corny, I know, but true. He then told me a story about how all men thing all women are crazy. Somehow this was supposed to be cute and funny but, um, missed the mark by about a mile. I then informed him that maybe I didn't like him as much as I originally thought I did.

Anyway, I got off track.

During the closet fiasco. I found this.

This would be the broken wedding cake topper from, well, our wedding. So is this a bad omen or just the collateral damage from a bad closet design? You decide. As for me, I'm going with the later. I can't even comprehend the former. Though, if my husband is going to continue to pontificate on the craziness of women...

Interesting factoid: The wedding topper is actually meant for an anniversary celebration as the couple is a bit more "mature." It was the topper that the cake I picked out suggested and well given my dress and Michael's graying hair it just seemed to be the appropriate topper for the cake.

I know these pictures aren't the best but we got married in the old days when digital photography had not taken off yet. So to get these images I had to find my wedding album take the photos out. And take pictures of the pictures so a lot was lost in the process. But you get the idea anyway

Another wedding factoid: Michael and I only had eight guests at our wedding - our parents, siblings, and sibling's spice spouses - well only one sibling was married at the time so I guess that should say "spouse." We were married at the Anne Street Methodist Church in Beaufort, NC.

And my last wedding factoid for the day: Our wedding cake was a sour cream pound cake with butter cream frosting. The cake was meant to feed 50. I was determined to have a "real" wedding cake even if we were having a small wedding. We had a lot of left over cake. It was absolutely delicious. We did freeze the top layer and get it out sometime after our first anniversary to taste. Surprisingly, it was still delicious.

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart! I do really still like you and well, I always knew you had a propensity for being annoying.

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Cici said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. Had fun remembering the great weekend and beautiful wedding.