Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Case of the Heebeejeebees

Saturday Charlotte stepped on this caterpillar on our front stoop.

Luckily she had shoes on. It completely surprised her and I think gave her a case of the heebeejeebees. Somehow she didn't kill it when she stepped on it or run screaming into the house or pass out from fright like some people in our family would (you know who you are).

After a little web research we have identified this as the larvae of an Imperial Moth. This is the second one of these we have found. The first was a few years ago.

This one was probably 3 to 4 inches long. Rehm and I were watching it after Michael had moved it off the stoop. I was sure it had to be injured since it had been stepped on. Apparently it was only stunned. It started crawling back onto the stoop. I think it was a suicidal caterpillar. To make sure no one stepped on it again we moved it safely to the bushes.


Cici said...

So, did you call Rehm to take care of it?

Cici said...

Please advise when it is safe to ceck your blog again.

friendsmiling said...

very funny. Only spiders. I did almost bite the dust today. While going through pictures I had laminated to put in classrooms, I ended up with a gigantic black widow in my hand. Luckily I only had black spots in my eyes this time.