Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Night Football in Texas

Last Friday we decided on the spur of the moment to go see a local high school football game. By spur of the moment, I mean we decided at 7:00pm to go to a game that kicked off at 7:30. Half of the children were already in pajamas. We were comparing wallets to see if we had enough cash to get it. Spur. Of. The. Moment. We are crazy like that sometimes.

This particular evening we all needed a fun distraction. This was the day our sweet Tobie went to Doggy Heaven. Everyone was sad, overwhelmed and ready for something to take our minds off of our sadness.

We arrived to realize that it was one of the team's Homecoming. I still really don't get the whole homecoming mum thing that Texas high schools do. One web site I looked at claimed to have mums "suitable for framing!" Why would you frame one of these? Anyone, anyone? It seems kind of really crazy to me. I guess in about eight to ten years it might make a little more sense.

I was a bit concerned about how Eliza Claire would do at the game as she doesn't always react well to new situations, especially new loud situations. She did great! She loved the halftime show and did her best to recreate the drill team and flag corp routines.

Rehm had so much fun that he remarked to his father, "Dad, why would you ever stay home and watch the new Star Wars Clone Wars when you could do this?"

Charlotte enjoyed sitting on her Daddy's lap and having snuggle time. Ruby enjoyed the evening as well. She asked a lot of questions about the band.

Our night watching football reminded me of the last time we did this and my very first blog post. Looking back at that post, I left a lot out. Like where the twins were, how we managed to go to a football game, etc.


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