Friday, October 02, 2009


Wednesday night as I'm leaving What A Wednesday (our church's mid-week program for children four through forth grade) Michael calls me.

Michael: Have you seen the Popcorn order form? (Side note: It is popcorn selling time for the cub scouts. Rehm and Michael have been out once or twice in the neighborhood and have sold about $250 of popcorn. )

Me: Yeah, it is hanging on the hooks in the kitchen, where we display the kids artwork, with the baggie of money collected.

Michael: No it's not! I took it to church with me tonight.

Me: OK, so how was I supposed to know you had it at church with you? In that case, no, I haven't seen it.

Michael: Mom wanted to order popcorn so I brought it to church tonight so she could order. Now I can't find it. Can you look around and see if you see it anywhere?

Me: Um, yeah sure.

I spend the next 20 minutes combing the campus looking for a folded up paper. Of course, most of the programming is finished and most of the clean up has already been done. I do not find it and am pretty sure that it has been picked up and thrown away.

Michael has checked the van, called his parents and can't find the form either. He is pretty stressed out over having lost it and trying to recreate it. Of course this will entail visiting each house a second time and asking what they ordered. Pretty easy for the houses that gave checks, not as easy for the houses that paid cash. (This would be a good reason to always pay check when you order from a kid fundraiser. Then if they lose the form they can get in touch with you!) His other stress was telling Rehm. He knew Rehm was going to freak out over this.

The next morning he is fixing Rehm's breakfast.

Michael: I have some bad news. Do you want it before or after breakfast?

Rehm: Before.

Michael: I can't find your popcorn order form. It must have fallen out of my pocket at church last night.

Rehm: No it didn't. I have it! I wanted to look at it in the van on the way home!

All that commotion, all that worry and the boy had it the whole time.

Needless to say, his father gave him a bit of a lecture on not taking things out of someone else's pocket without permission.

So if you would like to buy some popcorn and support the boy scouts let us know. I know a cub scout who would be happy to have your business.


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Brenna and Molly said...

Oh that sounds like my house! Things vanish and Molly is hands down my go-to gal to find them. Of course that's generally because she's what I call a "Gatherer" and likes to hoard things of all kinds in weird places. It also generally means she's come across everything I've ever lost in her quest to stash her own things.