Thursday, October 29, 2009

Daddy said it was fine!

Yesterday morning Ruby and Eliza Claire walked to school with Michael and the big kids. When they got home Ruby was complaining about having something on her shoe. Michael told her it was fine, that it was just a little bit of mud. She kept telling him about it and he kept telling her it was fine. As I pulled into the preschool parking lot with Ruby and Eliza Claire, one of them declared that Ruby had dog poop on her shoe. Of course, Ruby was holding the shoe in question in her hand. Yep, it was dog poop. Glad Daddy told her it was fine and was no longer around to deal with clean up.

Rehm came upstairs with pants on that were so short they were capris. Michael told him to change pants. Rehm put on a pair of brand new Sunday pants to wear to school. When I realized this afternoon that is what he had on I made him change them. Rehm argued about having to change them. His reason, yep, "Daddy said they were fine!" When I pointed out that he had another pair of school pants in his drawer he said he couldn't find them. When I pointed out he could have worn shorts he said he thought it was going to be cold today. When I pointed out he could have looked in the clean laundry he was quiet. He did say he found sweat pants but didn't wear them because he didn't want to be too hot. When I pointed out that the first pair of pants he found was the Sunday pants and he just didn't make the effort to find proper school pants he reiterated that "Daddy said they were fine."

Thanks "Daddy!"

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